Why you need a Lockyer Shed

by | Jan 20, 2018 | Updates

Every Aussie should be the proud owner of a shed. Sheds aren’t just a place to store your boat, build your next hot-rod, or to use as a “man-cave” for enjoying an afternoon coldie with your mates; a shed is an essential part of the Australian lifestyle.

You don’t want just any shed though. Sure, those tinny little garden sheds from Bunnings will keep your lawnmower dry, and may even provide a safe place for your tools for a time. Well, at least until the next big storm blows it over the fence – and then it’s your neighbour’s problem. Just make sure you get your tools back.

If you need a shed to make your bread and butter, then it’s even more vital you go for quality and use a team who have what it takes to build you a shed that lasts.

Lockyer Sheds have been building quality sheds for years; we’ve built warehousing sheds, sheds to keep the cows in, office sheds, sheds for cars, backyard sheds that won’t fall over no matter how hard you push, and sheds that stay put when it gets windy.

Have you ever heard of a garaport? Yep, we build those too. If you cross your average garage with your average carport, you get a garaport. There’s a special place in our heart for the garaport, as it offers the best of both worlds.

You get a nice shady place to store your ride, and a secure place to keep your precious tools, bar fridge, or pool table. Some people even use them to keep their caravan out of the weather when they come home to roost for a while. Chuck in a table, chairs, and a barbecue and you’ve got yourself a nice place to hang out with the neighbours.

If you’re after something a little more straightforward and cheaper, we also do standard carports to protect your vehicle from the harsh noon-day sun and occasional hail storm. You have your choice of heritage style dutch gable, or the more economical skillion style carport. Whichever way you go, you get a strong building that won’t break the bank and will last for years.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, some of us just need a shed where we can get stuff done. If that’s the case, then talk to us about designing a workshop that’s just right for your needs. Every single one of our sheds are built from Australian made Bluescope steel, come with site specific engineering, your choice of cladding, high tensile steel framing 450 grade, and no extra charge for custom sizing.

We aren’t afraid of anything at Lockyer Sheds, so if one of our regular plans doesn’t suit don’t be afraid to shoot us a few specifications so we can knock out a plan for your next shed that will knock your socks off.

We have a range of cladding so you can have whatever finish you like. Go for something different with our horizontal corrugated cladding, or maybe you prefer a more classic look; in which case our M-Panel weatherboard look should be right up your alley. Our talented team of engineers can also build you a shed with eve’s and gable extensions if that’s your thing.

Lockyer Sheds is a highly regarded small family operated business famous for their high-quality sheds and excellent workmanship. They have been building sheds for over 17 years, and have recently expanded their business to more regional areas of Queensland. If you’re passing through Goondiwindi or Warwick, you’ll likely see one of their constructions gracing the horizon.

So, if owning a shed that won’t fall over is a priority, give us a call on 1300 768 393 today.  You can even get a quote online by clicking here.