The valuable addition of a shed

by | May 31, 2017 | Updates

Custom Sheds and Garages – Add Instant Value to your home

It’s a common misconception that a shed or garage is just a set of four steel walls, a roof and a dodgy padlock on the front. These days they offer so much more than just extra storage or a place to store your garden tools. While these uses are by no means obsolete, the evolution of custom sheds and garages means that they offer so much more to consumers than they used to.

Another misconception is also that it’s a men’s domain. Wrong. We’ve all heard of the Man shed or man cave, well, step back boys! For the rise of the ‘She Shed’ is imminent! It’s an exciting time for shed builders. We get to see customers of all varieties becoming just as passionate about what we do, as we are.

We’ve built sheds to store boats, cars, caravans and jet skis, to house horses, sheep and cows. We’ve constructed outdoor buildings for seamstresses, entrepreneurs, schools and farmers and buildings of all kinds from industrial sheds to work sheds, garden sheds, stable solutions, single and double carports. With the way the industry is developing there seems to be no limits to what we can achieve.

Further to the evolution of the structure itself, is the design. No longer are people building sheds out the back to hide from the world. Now they are a feature. Designed and colour coded to blend in with the main building, the humble shed or garage is now often considered an attractive, valuable asset.

Adorn it with all the fixtures and fittings that your heart desires, change the layout, add a mezzanine, choose from a huge range of BlueScope steel colours and styles and construct the perfect shed to compliment and add value to your home.

By adding a shed, you are making a very desirable addition to your home. Make it a brilliant one, and you’re cooking with gas!

Whatever your requirements or preferences, Lockyer Sheds have a prefabricated, BlueScope Steel coil, framing and sheeting option to suit your needs – and if there’s nothing that quite fits your specifications – they’ll start from scratch! To discuss your ideal shed design, contact Lockyer Sheds today! They’ll build your dream shed, at a fixed price – any size, any design, anywhere!