Steel for Australian Built Sheds

Our harsh Queensland climate means that we should always wear a hat and sunscreen, we should avoid being on the beach at the hottest time of day, we should remember to drink lots of water on a hot Summer’s day – and that our buildings should be constructed with materials specifically designed to withstand our extreme weather conditions… That’s where Bluscope Steel and Colorbond come in.

Colorbond, Galvaspan and Zincalume are all brands/types of steel that sit under the BlueScope Steel banner. They are well known throughout the construction industry as consistently being at the top of their game, being manufactured to the highest quality and being designed to endure Australia’s harsh conditions.

Colorbond steel is lightweight and durable. It comes in a large variety of colours and designs, is easily maintained, is recyclable and affordable – all of these factors assist in making it the perfect material for shed, garage and single or double carport construction.

From a small backyard shed for storing tools and the lawnmower to an expansive structure for farming or other commercial uses, designing, installing and constructing a shed is a cost-effective way to add value to your property with a versatile, protected, lockable, usable space. Not only does colorbond add to the structures durability – it also has the power to add wow factor.

If you’re in need of extra storage space, a versatile work space, a stable solution or even just a simple backyard lock up and are considering installing a shed, garage or carport in the Toowoomba, Gatton, Warwick or Lockyer Valley areas, contact the Lockyer Valley Sheds team today!

Lockyer Valley Sheds use Colorbond steel on all of their builds to ensure the highest quality and are eager to build you a colorbond shed, garage or carport that will stand the test of time and survive our often erratic Queensland climate.

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Proud sponsors of AJ & Mavis ‘Busted Out’

We are now very Proud sponsors of AJ & Mavis ‘Busted Out’ these 2 ladies travel around Australia raising awareness & fundraising for Breast Cancer. If you get the chance to go to their show it is a must! They were at The Withcott Hotel on Saturday night and were fantastic. To assist them with the costs of travelling around for the next 6 months we have supplied them with a fuel card, it is amazing work that they are doing for such a great cause!

Check out their Facebook page for dates and locations.


SHEDS – Adding Value to a Property

The property market is as unpredictable as it is ruthless – but while markets rise and fall two things remain steadfast; extra storage and tidiness. Believe it or not, these two things have a huge impact on first impressions, long lasting impressions and on the overall value of your home. And what offers both of these? A shed, of course.

Whether you’re moving in to your very own home, preparing an investment property for rent, or preparing to sell the family home, there are a number of additions that can be made to work in your favour. Whilst you may have a long list of adaptations you wish to make, a good quality shed is always a positive addition – and a great place to start!

Buyers look for storage. It’s a fact… More often than not, when people are buying a new home or investment property, if they’re property market savvy, you’ll generally see them referring to a list as they inspect a prospective property and 9 times out of 10, storage will be on that list as a must have. This reiterates the notion that a high quality shed is a practical, highly efficient storage solution and a wise investment.

By adding a shed, you are essentially adding an extra room for storage, work or play – and the options of what you can use a shed for are seemingly endless. Garden sheds, work sheds, farm sheds, industrial sheds, wide span sheds, customised sheds, even single or double carports – you may even want to build it as a ‘man shed’ or simply store the jet ski or caravan… Whatever your requirements, Lockyer Sheds have a prefabricated, Bluescope Steel coil, framing and sheeting option to suit your needs – and if there’s nothing that quite fits your specs – they’ll start from scratch!

So, whichever wrung of the property ladder you are perched on, for your own benefit and for that of future buyers, if you have the opportunity to do so – consider installing a shed. Storage, practicality, tidiness and efficiency do not go unnoticed come inspection day – and let’s be honest, every Aussie family needs somewhere to store the mower.

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We’ll build your dream shed, at a fixed price – any size, any design, anywhere!

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