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Build with Lockyer Sheds and Reap the Rewards.

When designing, building and buying a new shed, there are, initially, four key things you should keep in mind. It’s important to ensure that your designer, supplier and builder is;

  • Shed Safe Accredited;
  • Using quality, top of the range Bluescope Steel;
  • Equipped and qualified to offer site specific engineering; and
  • Willing to provide you with a buyers’ guide.

These four things are all instantly available to you when you choose to build with Lockyer Sheds. Lockyer Sheds are proud to offer customers a sense of comfort and confidence when choosing them. We work hand in hand with Fair Dinkum Sheds to deliver a product that is exceptional and well received every time.

Fair Dinkum Sheds is a leading distributor of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, garages, carports, barns and farm sheds. Due to the technologically advanced, industry leading software program that Lockyer Sheds uses through Fair Dinkum Sheds, we can quote and design buildings in minutes.

All Fair Dinkum sheds and buildings are fully engineered to suit your specific site and local weather conditions and all designs incorporate the use of Australian made, Bluescope Steel. In addition to the reliability of Bluescope steel, our Fair Dinkum Sheds partnership also enables us to offer customers galvanised steel frames; which require little maintenance, vertical cladding is standard with all building and customers can choose from a large selection of colours.

The benefits of building with Lockyer Sheds does not stop there. Along with being Shed Safe accredited, incorporating the use of Bluescope Steel, offering customers a buyers’ guide and the benefit of site specific engineering, is a long list of advantages.

These further advantages include;

  • Downpipes and guttering
  • Choice of a wide range of cladding
  • Fully bolted Portal frames
  • 180 degree opening deluxe personal door as standard
  • Coloured tek screws included as standard to match your Colorbond colour selection
  • Choice of 250 B & D™ roller doors
  • Hold downs either bolt down, cast in u bolt or leg in ground
  • Engineered drawings provided to the Australian standards as1170 as4100 as3680
  • Wind rating which adheres to code requirements
  • Can be designed for snow or cyclonic conditions
  • Buildings are engineered to meet all the Australian Institute 2009 design code requirements
  • Delivery to all metropolitan and major provincial areas included
  • … and more!

There is another point that Lockyer Sheds consider to be a key factor in helping our current and future customers make a confident buying decision. Along with having the necessary license to keep your job site safe and productive, providing exceptional products and impeccable service; we are a locally owned, small business with 17 years’ experience. We take great pride in every building we put our name to and pledge to our customers that we will build their shed, garage or industrial building with as much attention to detail as if it was our very own. Any size, any design, anywhere, we can offer;

  • Full project management;
  • High quality materials;
  • A workmanship guarantee;
  • The bonus of a full custom design service;
  • No hidden costs; and
  • A level of service that you’ll only ever get from a local, family run business.

So, if you want to build with confidence, Lockyer Sheds should be your first port of call. To arrange a meeting with an expert member of our team or for more information on Fair Dinkum Sheds’ products or the Bluescope Steel range, contact us today.

Barn Sheds – Think Outside the Barn Shaped Box

Barn Sheds and farm sheds are becoming increasingly popular. Not because there is an excess of farm animals that need to sleep in them or that more people want to roll around in them, but because their uses are becoming more and more varied and redefined. Lockyer Sheds have a huge range of shed solutions to suit any requirement. Whether you wish to use your brand-new barn shed as Air BnB accommodation, a wedding venue, it’s for a home handyman or a team of tradies – or you wish to build a teenager’s retreat or an awesome man cave, we’re your guys.

Lockyer Sheds work hand in hand with Fair Dinkum Sheds to deliver a product that is exceptional and well received every single time.

All of our shed work is Shed Safe accredited. We only use Australian made Bluescope Steel to ensure your shed is of the highest quality and will stand the test of time. In addition, we make sure to look at the finer details like ensuring you have site specific engineering, to avoid any last-minute build problems.

Included in those finer details are things like;

  • Colour coded screws as standard
  • The choice of cast in brackets, cast in bolts or dyna bolts for your hold down brackets
  • Custom sizing at no extra charge, and
  • Fully bolted frames with no welding involved

Other features of our top-quality barn sheds are;

  • .42BMT/.47TCT sheeting on all our sheds as standard
  • Monoclad/Corrugated or M panel available in sheeting profile
  • 450 grade High tensile steel framing
  • All sheds engineered to Australian Standards – AS1170, AS4100, AS3680

So, if you’re considering designing and building a barn shed, no matter its purpose, contact Lockyer Sheds for an obligation free chat today! Contact us online or call 1300 768 393.

Alternatively, if you’re wanting to do more research before contacting us, check out our Buying Guide.

The valuable addition of a shed

Custom Sheds and Garages – Add Instant Value to your home

It’s a common misconception that a shed or garage is just a set of four steel walls, a roof and a dodgy padlock on the front. These days they offer so much more than just extra storage or a place to store your garden tools. While these uses are by no means obsolete, the evolution of custom sheds and garages means that they offer so much more to consumers than they used to.

Another misconception is also that it’s a men’s domain. Wrong. We’ve all heard of the Man shed or man cave, well, step back boys! For the rise of the ‘She Shed’ is imminent! It’s an exciting time for shed builders. We get to see customers of all varieties becoming just as passionate about what we do, as we are.

We’ve built sheds to store boats, cars, caravans and jet skis, to house horses, sheep and cows. We’ve constructed outdoor buildings for seamstresses, entrepreneurs, schools and farmers and buildings of all kinds from industrial sheds to work sheds, garden sheds, stable solutions, single and double carports. With the way the industry is developing there seems to be no limits to what we can achieve.

Further to the evolution of the structure itself, is the design. No longer are people building sheds out the back to hide from the world. Now they are a feature. Designed and colour coded to blend in with the main building, the humble shed or garage is now often considered an attractive, valuable asset.

Adorn it with all the fixtures and fittings that your heart desires, change the layout, add a mezzanine, choose from a huge range of BlueScope steel colours and styles and construct the perfect shed to compliment and add value to your home.

By adding a shed, you are making a very desirable addition to your home. Make it a brilliant one, and you’re cooking with gas!

Whatever your requirements or preferences, Lockyer Sheds have a prefabricated, BlueScope Steel coil, framing and sheeting option to suit your needs – and if there’s nothing that quite fits your specifications – they’ll start from scratch! To discuss your ideal shed design, contact Lockyer Sheds today! They’ll build your dream shed, at a fixed price – any size, any design, anywhere!

Visit or call us on 1300 768 393.

Lockyer Sheds… There’s a Good Reason They’re So Fair Dinkum.

When the Lockyer Sheds team say they’re fair dinkum, it’s not just a term of phrase.

As an authorized re-seller of Fair Dinkum Sheds, they are one of the 150 local distributors who provide real, local service and who have sold more than 180,000 sheds and garages across the country.

Lockyer Sheds are very proud of their affiliation with Fair Dinkum Sheds. They offer quality, reliability, variety and so much more.

All Fair Dinkum structures can be easily customised, they come with fully engineered plans, provide site specific plans and engineering calculations, are made from Colorbond steel and Zincalume steel.

Aesthetics are important to both the Lockyer Sheds and the Fair Dinkum Sheds teams, which is reflected in the large choice of colours, styles, design and accessories offered with all Fair Dinkum structures. Their wide range of options allows you to create the building you have dreamed up, with no limitations.

Whether you require a completed shed or garage built for you, or you want to do it yourself, a Fair Dinkum shed is your answer. The DIY option even comes with a DVD and manual to assist with installation.

Fair Dinkum Sheds are members of the Australian Steel Institute, they are an exclusive shed partner of the Australian Men’s Shed Association and have been been awarded ShedSafe accreditation from the Australian Steel Institute – so when you choose Lockyer sheds and ultimately, Fair Dinkum, you know you’re getting a reliable, up to standard product, recommended by the best in the industry.

So, if you’re looking to add a farm shed, work shed, garage, double carport, stable, farm building, industrial/commercial shed or even an airplane hanger to your property, Lockyer Sheds have got a prefabricated building to suit.

With Lockyer Sheds, you have the benefit of being able to choose from a Fair Dinkum Sheds product, which means you will be provided with a top-quality product with a reputation to match.

To chat to a Lockyer Sheds consultant about your Fair Dinkum custom shed options, click here now!

Why we use Colorbond for all of our builds

Lockyer Sheds has successfully delivered a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial projects including sheds, garages and carports of all shapes and sizes. While our designs and specifications on each job vary greatly due to our ability customize to suit any client’s needs – one thing remains the same – our use of COLORBOND® steel.

Some client’s question why we love it and use it so exclusively.
The answers are simple, but plentiful.

COLORBOND® steel is;

  • lightweight
  • durable
  • easy to maintain
  • It comes in a huge variety of prefabricated designs
  • It is aesthetically pleasing
  • Recyclable
  • Convenient to use
  • It offers comfort and security
  • Established in 1966, COLORBOND® steel stands the test of time, in both a structural sense and in terms of the company’s longevity.

The use of COLORBOND® means you have a wide range of options for inclusions like doors, windows, colours, profiles, lighting, overhangs, shelving and so much more.

COLORBOND® steel is specifically designed to withstand the intense weather we experience here in Australia. It is tested for Australian conditions and is therefore the perfect option for any garage, shed or carport, be it residential, agricultural or industrial, built here in our beautiful sunburnt country.

Lockyer Sheds are your local, highly experienced, accredited shed builders who are waiting to chat to you about custom sheds, carport prices, carport designs, your very own garage or shed design ideas and their exclusive use of COLORBOND® steel.

So, whether you want to design and build a double carport, double garage, barn style shed, school gymnasium or airplane hangar, choose COLORBOND® steel and contact the Lockyer Sheds today!  You won’t be disappointed.

Steel for Australian Built Sheds

Our harsh Queensland climate means that we should always wear a hat and sunscreen, we should avoid being on the beach at the hottest time of day, we should remember to drink lots of water on a hot Summer’s day – and that our buildings should be constructed with materials specifically designed to withstand our extreme weather conditions… That’s where Bluscope Steel and Colorbond come in.

Colorbond, Galvaspan and Zincalume are all brands/types of steel that sit under the BlueScope Steel banner. They are well known throughout the construction industry as consistently being at the top of their game, being manufactured to the highest quality and being designed to endure Australia’s harsh conditions.

Colorbond steel is lightweight and durable. It comes in a large variety of colours and designs, is easily maintained, is recyclable and affordable – all of these factors assist in making it the perfect material for shed, garage and single or double carport construction.

From a small backyard shed for storing tools and the lawnmower to an expansive structure for farming or other commercial uses, designing, installing and constructing a shed is a cost-effective way to add value to your property with a versatile, protected, lockable, usable space. Not only does colorbond add to the structures durability – it also has the power to add wow factor.

If you’re in need of extra storage space, a versatile work space, a stable solution or even just a simple backyard lock up and are considering installing a shed, garage or carport in the Toowoomba, Gatton, Warwick or Lockyer Valley areas, contact the Lockyer Valley Sheds team today!

Lockyer Valley Sheds use Colorbond steel on all of their builds to ensure the highest quality and are eager to build you a colorbond shed, garage or carport that will stand the test of time and survive our often erratic Queensland climate.

Contact us online for an obligation free quote today or call us on 1300 768 393.

Proud sponsors of AJ & Mavis ‘Busted Out’

We are now very Proud sponsors of AJ & Mavis ‘Busted Out’ these 2 ladies travel around Australia raising awareness & fundraising for Breast Cancer. If you get the chance to go to their show it is a must! They were at The Withcott Hotel on Saturday night and were fantastic. To assist them with the costs of travelling around for the next 6 months we have supplied them with a fuel card, it is amazing work that they are doing for such a great cause!

Check out their Facebook page for dates and locations.


SHEDS – Adding Value to a Property

The property market is as unpredictable as it is ruthless – but while markets rise and fall two things remain steadfast; extra storage and tidiness. Believe it or not, these two things have a huge impact on first impressions, long lasting impressions and on the overall value of your home. And what offers both of these? A shed, of course.

Whether you’re moving in to your very own home, preparing an investment property for rent, or preparing to sell the family home, there are a number of additions that can be made to work in your favour. Whilst you may have a long list of adaptations you wish to make, a good quality shed is always a positive addition – and a great place to start!

Buyers look for storage. It’s a fact… More often than not, when people are buying a new home or investment property, if they’re property market savvy, you’ll generally see them referring to a list as they inspect a prospective property and 9 times out of 10, storage will be on that list as a must have. This reiterates the notion that a high quality shed is a practical, highly efficient storage solution and a wise investment.

By adding a shed, you are essentially adding an extra room for storage, work or play – and the options of what you can use a shed for are seemingly endless. Garden sheds, work sheds, farm sheds, industrial sheds, wide span sheds, customised sheds, even single or double carports – you may even want to build it as a ‘man shed’ or simply store the jet ski or caravan… Whatever your requirements, Lockyer Sheds have a prefabricated, Bluescope Steel coil, framing and sheeting option to suit your needs – and if there’s nothing that quite fits your specs – they’ll start from scratch!

So, whichever wrung of the property ladder you are perched on, for your own benefit and for that of future buyers, if you have the opportunity to do so – consider installing a shed. Storage, practicality, tidiness and efficiency do not go unnoticed come inspection day – and let’s be honest, every Aussie family needs somewhere to store the mower.

To discuss your ideal shed with an experienced, passionate team, contact us today!
We’ll build your dream shed, at a fixed price – any size, any design, anywhere!

Contact us online or call on 1300 768 393.

Carport Promotion – Buy a Carport get a Free Tackleworld Fishing Pack


To be eligible to claim your free Tackleworld Fishing Pack hand selected by Paul Worsteling (rrp over $300), simply purchase any carport from a participating Fair Dinkum Sheds distributor between 21/10/16 and 21/11/16*.


The Tackleworld Fishing Pack contains:


If you have purchased an eligible carport and want to claim your Gift, complete the claim form below.

Be sure you have everything ready to begin your claim:

  • You have purchased your carport from a participating Fair Dinkum Sheds distributor between 21/10/16 and 21/11/16
  • Copy of your original proof of purchase (tax invoice or receipt)
  • You have your official Fair Dinkum Sheds Job Number in the format ABCD1234, from your invoice, plans or your Fair Dinkum Sheds distributor
  • Ensure you have read the terms and conditions of this promotion
  • *Terms and conditions apply. Click here to see full terms and conditions.